Icha Limpeleh

Icha Limpeleh

  • Sex: Female
  • Birthday: April 20, 1986
  • Hometown: Manado, Indonesia
  • Political Views: Pro Nasionalisme
  • Religious Views: Christian Protestan – Pluralism, open for dialogue
  • Activities: Studying in theology faculty…
  • Interests: There so many things i interest with.. (mksdnya..?). Tapi yg pasti…. i love Theology n Humanism Issue, MUSIC, SOCCER, n FASHION!
  • Favorite Music: Rock n Roll baby..!!! But, actually, it depends on my mood…
  • Favorite TV Shows: News, all the reality shows.. and: GOSSIP GIRL!!!!
  • Favorite Movies:Twilight, Harry Potter (all Of Them), Narnia, Band Of Brothers, James Bond, Tarix Jabrix, Juno, dll…
  • Favorite Books: The Holy Bible, Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, Mags, The Da Vinci Code, Come be my light – Mother Theresa, Theologys’ books, dll…
  • Favorite Quotations: Penderitaan adalah jalan menuju kebahagiaan…

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